Questions & Answers

Q. I'm not in perfect shape. Can I still look good in boudoir portraits?

A. Of course you can. Every woman is beautiful. We use the perfect combination of lighting, posing, props and art to make your portraits exquisitely beautiful.

Q. I'm nervous about doing boudoir portraits. Will it show in my photos?

A. Being nervous is very natural and just about every one we photograph starts out that way. We will go out of our way to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. Once your session starts, the nerves calm and then we just have fun creating incredible images.

Q. Do you retouch the images?

A. Yes we do. All selected images are fully retouched/airbrushed to make sure every portrait is perfect.

Q. How sexy can I go?

A. That's completely up to you. We will chat prior to your session and show you a variety of samples. Then, you can decide.

Q. Can I do topless or nudes?

A. Yes, but again, that's completely up to you. Whatever you are comfortable with, we are happy to accommodate.

Q. Is hair and makeup included? Can I have my own stylist do my mine?

A. Hair and makeup is available from our stylist for $100 and needs to be scheduled in advance. You are welcome to have your friend or stylist do your hair and makeup, but remember they need to go a bit heavier than normal on the makeup and the hairstyle needs to say "sexy"!

Q. Can I buy electronic images or gift photos?

A. Yes, DVD's are available and we offer a wide variety of photographic gifts to select from as well.

Q. Can I add additional outfits to my session?

A. yes, time permitting. Additional outfits will add about 20-25 images to select from. There is a $100 fee per additional outfit.

Q. Is my photographer male or female?

A. Both... Studio Owner, Mark Bak CPP, has been creating award winning images since 1980. He has photographed hundreds of ladies through the years. His 'Certified Professional Photographer' degree is held by less than 2% of all the photographers in America. He is always assisted by our Studio Manager, Mrs. Kelly Mendez. We have found that our unique male/female combination allows us to see the images and the photo session from the perspective of both genders.

Q. When will I see my images?

A. Your images will be ready one hour after your session is complete. We will have a private viewing room all set for you after your session. No long delays or need to come back for a separate appointment.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted?

A. We accept payment with all major credit cards, check or cash.

Q. What if I need to reschedule my session?

A. Since our studio time is booked well in advance and cannot be rebooked on short notice, there is a $100 fee for rescheduling your session. Sessions rescheduled more that two weeks in advance may do so once with no additional fees required.

Q. Can we get a discount if both my friend and I book sessions?

A. Yes. We offer 25% discount on each session when two or more friends book their sessions at the same time. Photos do not have to be taken on the same day, just purchased at the same time.

Q. Are there any other discounts available?

A. Yes. We offer specials from time to time. Just check our special offers page to see what is available.

Q. What are the studio hours?

A. Monday - Saturday, 10am-5pm. Evenings by appointment only.