• OUTFITS ~ Please bring plenty outfits to select from. We recommend between 6 and 10. Both dark and light colors are encouraged as well as a good mixture of styles. Remember, classic black is always a winner! We can accomodate conservative to provocative selections so don't be shy. Your bridal veil and honeymoon outfit is a great combination to be photographed in. Plan to come in and 'go for it' in this once in a life time session.
  • ACCESSORIES ~ Jewelry and lots of heels! Mix in different styles and colors. Don't be afraid to go big. The right shoes and accessories make all the difference. Boots are great too. Hats and scarves can add a sexy punch to your portraits. Leather and fur coats will add a nice dramatic look as well.
  • MORE SUGGESTIONS ~ A men's button down dress shirt and tie or sports apparel. A Comfy sweater and Leggins. Corset & Garter. Pin-up clothing or a work uniform. Costumes such as: The French Maid and the Sexy Nurse are very popular too.
  • PROPS ~ Personal props, like a favorite photo, stuffed animal or book add a nice touch. Bring occupational props such as: Tool belt, hard hat, lab coat or badge. If you're on the daring side bring in your naughty outfit and play toys like handcuffs and a whip.
  • HAIR & MAKEUP ~ We offer professional hairstyling and make up for $100. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this service as the resulting photos are only as good as the look that is required for great portraits. You are welcome to have your own stylist do your hair and makeup if you wish. Be sure to tell them what type of photos you're having done, and that they should apply the makeup slightly heavier than normal and the hair style needs to say 'SEXY'! We use very soft, flattering lighting so proper hair and makeup is extremely important.
  • DAY OF PREARATION ~ Be sure to eat prior so you have energy for your session. Feel free to bring a snack if you wish. Wear loose clothing to the appointment as tight fitting outfits and undergarments can leave lasting marks on you skin and will be very distracting in your photographs. Be extra mindful of details like body hair and try to avoid tan lines. Remember, tan line corrections are not included in our standard retouching package.