Boudoir Session

What to Bring

Outfits: Please bring several (4-7) to select from. Both dark and light are encouraged as well as a good mix
of styles.
Shoes: We recommend the crocs stay at home and the heels come with. You won't be doing much walking, so don't be afraid to go big! Channel your inner Pretty Woman, a la Julia Roberts, and bring some tall boots for a great sexy look.
Lingerie: Matching sets of any variety of color, but we always recommend a classy all black set. Don't forget to remove tags!
Girlfriend/ Wingwoman: Someone to help ease your nerves or even to shoot back to back and get 25% off your session fees!
Wearable Mementos: This could include things items related to your special someone or perhaps their occupation, i.e. work uniforms etc.

Other Ideas for Accessories & Props:
• Painted Nails • Nylons, Leggings or Stockings • Pinup Clothing
• Mens Button Down Shirt, Jersey etc. • Comfy Sweater • Jewelry • Hats, Scarves
• Tools of your (or his) trade (i.e. Lab Coat, Tool belts, etc.) • Sports Apparel
• Corset & Garter • handcuffs and a little wip are also fun ideas. 
Be sure to remove stickers and tags from items!

Hair & Makeup:Great Hair and Makeup are an absolute must! We offer a Master Stylist and Make-up Artist to professionally style you. Hair, Make-up and eye lashes for only $100.00! You are more than welcome to style yourself or get help from a friend. If styling yourself, be sure to go slightly heavier than normal.



Day of Shoot

Be sure to eat the morning of your shoot as modelling sessions can take both energy and time. Snacks are encouraged. Wear loose clothing as tight fitting clothing and even bras can leave lasting marks on skin. Be extra mindful of details like body hair and tan lines.