Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are a great way to capture the first precious moments of your new little one's life. Each session will take anywhere from 1-3 hours to ensure we capture the best photos possible. Planning ahead can take some stress off of you too. Here are some tips to prepare for your session.

Newborn photos are best when taken up to 14 days after birth. During these first 14 days, your little one is still in that nice snuggle and sleep mode and their body is able to "curl up" as you see in our photographs.

Our studio is equipped with everything you will need for your newborn session. You will not need to bring any outfits or clothes to your session. Most photographs will be of your baby are in the buff, however, we do have diaper covers and accessories in the studio if that is a look you prefer. Your baby will also have accidents during the session. We know this and are prepared for clean up. Please do not worry or be embarrassed if this happens. We clean all of our props and blankets after each session.  

One of the most important parts of a newborn session is a sleepy baby! To help ensure your baby is asleep during their session, please do not feed before coming to the studio. We highly recommend feeding your baby once you have arrived at the studio. There are private changing rooms to be used at your leisure so your baby can fall asleep right when it's time to start the session. Please try not to have your little one nap before the session, even in the car ride here. We know this is very hard, but it will make for a happy sleepy baby during the portrait session and amazing photographs as a result!